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Beatriz Mutelet is an independant French artist, from Lyon.  After her studies of Graphics Arts, Plastic Arts and Illustration, she specializes in the Graphic Design for tableware porcelain and the ceramic for international tiles company based in Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, France, and creates decors and patterns. 


However, always with a pencil in the hand,  she doesn't forget her first passion...draw.

Her need to create allowed to give birth to a populated parallel world of mystic and mysterious ladies, to an intriguing and dreamlike aspect.

Made using mostly graphite, pencils, watercolour and ink, with the addition of precious gold leaf or color details.


Of an insatiable curiosity, Beatriz likes discovering new artists, new tendencies and artistic movements. 

She thinks that the Art is before anything a way of expression, a door on the soul. she likes all its forms, its aspects, its outlines. 
Likes the Naive art, meaning which does not leave unmoved.


Welcome in her world !






Her artistic approach is based before anything else on a will to make the link between opposite, perceptible and unknown, sweetness and strength...

Restore the link between inside and the outside, create a space where the feelings, the cracks, the memories, the unconscious, the essence of a person;  where the beauty, the sensualism and the aestheticism bloom.


The body is here, the vital source of every emotion, affecting, touching, at the risk of disturbing the eye which settles on him, in the tear, in the disastrous, and in the mystic.


Every element metamorphoses and creates the link with the organic or the vegetable.

The symbolism of the hair and the link which takes place in the infinity, represents and claims then in every creation the rebellion, as to mark before anything else the fact of Being, of symbolizing the freedom absolved in all that the human in of contradictory by mixing the carnal, the eroticism and the dark side of every individual.





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