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Julie - blythe doll 117


* Julie *


Let’s go to the beach!

Customization of the Blythe doll, doll no 117




Includes the following:


* It has been completely sanded

* mouth, eyes, temples, chin and nose were cut and remodelled

* a new "faceup" has been created, with some freckles, eyebrows and shadows

* the lips have been painted and varnished.

* all pupils have been replaced.

* Eyelids painted, worked, fixed

* ears have been added.

* ceramic teeth have been added.

* mobile neck system

* eyes move up/down, eyes fixed

* sleepy eyes

* new strings have been added.

* strings are made of ceramic, wood, bone, metal, glass, fabric beads...

* Sealed with MSC layers

* Handmade wig, hand sewn, mohair. Glued.

* signed, numbered and personalized


******* ***** *************


* This doll will arrive with a white tank top and shorts ( see photos ) as well as a frog hat.


Attention other accessories not included in the sale. Shoes, pieces of watermelon, fruit, skateboard, socks, accessories, toys, buoy, NOT INCLUDED IN SALE **


* This doll is a unique piece, sculpted, personalized, so it has imperfections *



Julie - blythe doll 117

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