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Annie - blythe doll 28

RESERVED for Leander 


* Annie *
" little circus girl "
Blythe doll, doll #28

Includes the following:

* It has been completely sanded
* mouth, eyes, his temples, his chin and nose were cut and reshaped
* a new "faceup" was created, with some freckles, eyebrows, and shadows
* the lips have been painted.
* all her eye chips have been replaced. ( one pair are luminescent )
* Painted, worked, fixed eyelids
* ears have been added.
* moving neck system
* eyes move up / down, the look has been fixed
* sleepy eyes (sleepy eye)
* new strings and pull beads
* the strings are made with, wood, bone, glass and ceramic beads.
* It has been sealed with layers of MSC
scalp his changed as well as the hair
* a good quality wig has been set with the Velcro
* signed, numbered and custom creation.

******* ******* ********

* This doll will arrive ready with a creation of baerengirl , petticoat, jacket, socks and two hats ( see picture ) 

***** Attention other accessories not included. *****

* This doll is unique, carved, personalized, it also has some imperfections *.

Annie - blythe doll 28

  • Blythe doll custom, Ooak, collection doll.

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