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Sky - blythe doll 67

* Sky * 

• Reserved for Christina Palmer •


"apprentice skater" 

Blythe doll customization , doll #67



Includes the following thing:


* it has been completely sanded 

* His mouth, eyes, temples, chin and nose have been trimmed and redesigned

* a new " faceup " was created, with freckles, eyebrows, and shadows, scratches, bruises...

* the lips have been painted.

* all his eye chips have been replaced.

* ears have been added.

* mobile neck system

* eyes are moving up/down, the look has been corrected

* sleepy eyes (sleepy eye) 

* new ropes and traction beads

* the ropes are made with ceramic, glass, bone, wood, metal and stone beads.

* it has been sealed with layers of mat MSC

* the scalp has been changed as well as the hair

* a beautiful quality human hair wig was dyed blue and then fixed with Velcro

* signed, numbered and personalized creation




* this doll will arrive dressed with a denim mini shorts, a patched tank top, grunge, damaged, a checked shirt, and shoes. ( see photo ).


Attention other accessories  NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE. 


* This doll is unique, carved, personalized, it also has some imperfections *


Sky - blythe doll 67

  • Blythe doll custom, Ooak, collection doll.

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