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Sophie - blythe doll 13

** reserved for Deborah **
* Sophie *

Blythe doll custom Inspiration " les malheurs de Sophie "


includes the following:

* completely sanded

* her mouth, eyes, temples, chin and nose will be carved/reshaped

* all new faceup will be created, including tiny freckles, eyebrows, lips and realistic shading

* all of her eye chips will be replaced with new ones* ears are added* teeth are créateur and added

* mobile neck

* she will be boggled, gaze lifted, and given sleepy eyes with new pull strings/beads

* strings are realized with natural agate beads and wood beads

* she will be sealed w/ a few coats of MSC

* scalp is changed as well as the hair. A wig with gréât quality is fixed with velcro ( allowing if you wish afterward to proceed to a change ).

* head/body is of origin.

* signed, numbered and personalized creation


******* ******* ********

This doll will arrive adorned with a creation of Winterfog ( see pictures ) dress and pants.

Accessories: goldfish in its bag, box with sewing and its accessories.


Attention shoes are not included in the price and are not sold with Sophie.


* this doll is a unique piece, sculpted, personalized by me, so it has imperfections

Sophie - blythe doll 13

  • Blythe doll custom, Ooak, collection doll.

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